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Whataburger Reigns Supreme; 'Breaking Bad' Coffee Shop

Plus Wendy's goes antibiotic-free, and a possible clam chowder burger.

Nick Solares

— Based on the amount of energy the Internet at large regularly devotes to deciding who makes the best burger in America, you'd think it was going to somehow solve world hunger. Alas, no, but the latest verdict handed down by Fast Company will delight legions of Texans: According to several heated rounds of brackets, Whataburger reigns supreme over all other fast food burgers.

— Poor McDonald's, on the other hand, has just ranked dead last in a survey measuring how satisfied consumers are with various fast food chains. The yearly survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index showed a 6 percent drop for the burger-slinging behemoth since last year. Chick-fil-A nabbed first place with the highest score ever, and burrito darling Chipotle came in second.

— In other fast food news, Wendy's may be joining the growing trend toward more "natural" products: The Frosty specialist is currently testing antibiotic-free chicken in four cities in Florida, Missouri, and Texas. McDonald's is at least closer to the front of the pack in this area; the chain announced it was phasing out chicken treated with antibiotics back in March.

— What happens when two New England Patriots players make an appearance on Wahlburgers, the A&E reality show about the Massachussetts-based burger restaurant owned by famous pants-dropper Mark Wahlberg and his family? They try to invent a clam chowder burger, apparently. You'll have to tune in on Wednesday night to see if that unholy-sounding creation actually makes it to fruition.

— A new Breaking Bad-inspired coffee shop in Istanbul called Walter's Coffee Roastery has an industrial meth lab vibe, baristas clad in yellow hazmat suits a la Walt and Jesse, drinks served in beakers, and candy that looks suspiciously like the duo's famed blue merchandise. Thankfully, it appears to be more permanent than London's fleeting cocktail bar pop-up that was held in an RV; time to start pricing airfare to Istanbul.

— Napa owes a helluva lot to its grapes: The California county exported a record high of $343 million worth of goods in 2014, which is more than twice what it exported just a decade ago. It's estimated that nearly 70 percent of that was wine — and that probably doesn't even count the hordes of extremely drunk tourists plonking down their credit cards to send a couple cases back home.