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Google Just Tried to Buy a Meatless Burger Company

Impossible Foods is reportedly holding out for more money.

If you prick a veggie burger, does it not bleed?
If you prick a veggie burger, does it not bleed?
Impossible Burger

Are plant-based burgers destined to dominate the culinary landscape of the future? Our sentient overlords at Google reportedly think so: According to The Daily Mail, the tech behemoth tried to purchase the startup responsible for the veggie burger that bleeds its own blood for around $300 million, but Impossible Foods "wanted more cash."

As the Mail points out, "This is not the first time Google has dabbled with meat alternatives — in 2013 Sergey Brin, one of the company's co-founders, was revealed to be an investor in an artificial meat burger that many dubbed the 'frankenburger.'"

Proponents of lab-grown meat and meatless alternatives argue that the world's appetite for beef will soon outpace its supply. Tech billionaire Bill Gates is also a believer; he's an investor in plant-based protein company Beyond Meat and recently blogged about his hopes for the the future of meat substitutes, writing, "With a little moderation and more innovation, I do believe the world can meet its need for meat."

Getting hardcore meat-eaters to switch to meatless alternatives might be a hard sell, but perhaps a hyper-realistic veggie burger that bleeds its own blood could do the trick. Fake blood or no, veggie burgers are no doubt trending right now: A new vegetarian and vegan burger spot in Manhattan called Superiority Burger is currently taking the city by storm, pushing out a product that Eater critic Ryan Sutton declares "proof that fast food burgers don't need meat."