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Is Warren Buffett's Dairy Queen Copying Subway's Sandwiches?

The frozen dessert chain is introducing oven-baked sandwiches.

Sandwich dopplegangers?
Sandwich dopplegangers?
Dairy Queen / Subway

Is billionaire investor and Dairy Queen kingpin Warren Buffett taking aim at the world's largest restaurant chain?

According to the New York Post, the Buffett-owned chain is preparing to launch a line of DQ Bakes! oven-baked sandwiches that some say are similar to those served at Subway. The move comes a year and a half after Buffett reportedly "expressed a passing interest in buying the nation’s biggest sandwich chain" and visited Subway's headquarters in Connecticut.

The Post says DQ's impending sandwich launch — said to be "its biggest menu rollout in 75 years" — will include a Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich that sounds an awful lot like a well-known Subway menu item. A Turkey BLT also "resembles Subway’s Turkey & Bacon Guacamole sub." Of course, Dairy Queen is claiming that "it was hard at work on its own baked sandwich line well before" Buffett's little field trip. And while the DQ sandwiches may sound conceptually similar to Subway's, visually they're more distant cousins than twins — mostly due to DQ's utilization of "artisan-style" ciabatta rolls.

Considering DQ has just 3,500 restaurants and Subway has 27,000 in North America alone, the sandwich giant probably has bigger fish to fry — like the fact that it recently parted ways with long-term spokesperson Jared Fogle after his home was raided in an FBI child porn investigation.