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Couple Claims a McDonald's Served Them a Rag Instead of a Cheeseburger

A restaurant rep says management was unable to find proof on restaurant footage.


Has McDonald's just completely given up? The chain is struggling financially and now an outpost in Illinois is being accused of serving a couple a rag — something that doesn't even slightly resemble food — instead of a hamburger. Unlike the KFC in England that accidentally served a child a deep-fried hand towel, the McDonald's didn't even bother to pretend to cook the rag. According to ABC 13, Debbie Wirth and her husband Hans ordered a double cheeseburger from the drive-thru last week but when Debbie got home, inside of her hamburger wrapper, she found the dirty rag.

The couple called the restaurant and and were told that if they came in, they would receive a replacement sandwich for free. Debbie notes, "That's not the point." The couple did not want food or a refund. Instead they wanted an apology. However, the employee did not offer them one: "I got a rag, no apology, no nothing." A manager at the location tells Eater: "We looked through the [store's video] footage and we did not see anything to back their claim even though they say that they did [receive a rag]."

Franchise owner Rich O'Keefe tells the news station that he "took this matter seriously" and is investigating the claim. O'Keefe also called the Wirths and "apologized numerous times," which made them happy. So happy in fact that Hans bought another McDonald's hamburger for dinner the following night — just from a different location.

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