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Thieves Popped Bottles of Moët After Stealing $2.3 Million of Wine From the Queen's Supplier

They stole the wine from a warehouse that supplies the Queen of England.

Miles Willis/Getty Images

Thieves in England managed to get away with nearly £1.5 million ($2.34 million USD) worth of vintage wine from a warehouse that supplies the royal family. According to the Independent, the police investigation reveals that the robbery of the Berry Bros & Rudd warehouse in Basingstoke this summer was likely an "inside job."

A source tells the Daily Mail that thieves evaded lasers and number of cameras to steal the pricey bottles. The thieves also knew exactly where to enter the building: "The hole in the wall was cut in the perfect place. It was only inches below the laser security beam. You could not have picked a better spot." They also went straight to the "luxury section of the warehouse" and formed a chain to pass "hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of French wine... between them and out of the building."

Perhaps what was most impressive about the crime is that the thieves celebrated their success within the warehouse. The group popped bottles of Moët & Chandon champagne after finishing the job. A source tells the Daily Mail: "What I find staggering is that they then had a party to celebrate." At least the thieves weren't dumb enough to get so drunk that they passed out at the scene of the crime. The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made.

It appears as if robbing wine warehouses is the crime du jourNBC reports that police are currently investigating a wine distributor in Connecticut that was robbed of nearly $250,000 worth of alcohol. The thieves stole thousands of bottles and have not been caught. It isn't just warehouses that are hit: Last December, a group of brazen robbers made off with nearly $300,000 worth of wine from iconic Napa Valley restaurant The French Laundry.