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Kim Kardashian to Receive Free Burgers for Being Pregnant

Free milkshakes too!

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

What's the best way to get free burgers and milkshakes? Be a world famous celebrity with millions of Twitter followers. According to WYFF 4, stunt-y Connecticut-based burger chain Wayback Burgers is gifting selfie expert Kim Kardashian free burgers and milkshakes for the remainder of her pregnancy. The chain sent Kardashian a letter last week explaining the gift that came with her very own VIP "Kim Kard," because will the Kardashians even use something if its not renamed with a "K?"

The restaurant congratulated her on her second pregnancy and then launched into a marketing spiel about everything the chain offers — including salads and house-made chips — even though Kardashian will only be able to receive burgers and fries for free. Wayback Burgers currently has 100 locations across the country, including three in Southern California where Kardashian resides, so there is a chance she could actually stop in one day. Then again, are Wayback's cricket- and beef jerky- milkshakes what someone really wants when they are pregnant (or in general)?

Most importantly, Kardashian's BFF/restaurateur with questionable taste Jonathan Cheben recently opened a competing burger chain called Burger Bandit which also offers burgers and milk shakes. It's worth noting that Kardashian's chain restaurant of choice appears to be Waffle House — it's even good enough for date night.

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