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Neil Young Scolds GMO-Loving Monsanto Again

The legendary musician helped produce a new mini-doc that tells one farmer's sad story.

A Message From Neil Young -As I write this, the dark act is up for a vote in the House of Representatives; representatives of the people. The dark act takes away the rights of those people to vote for or against things like GMO labeling in their states. It does seem ironic. If the act is passed, it will truly be a dark day for America.Monsanto is a corporation with great wealth, now controlling over 90% of soybean and corn growth in America. Family farms have been replaced by giant agri corp farms across this great vast country we call home. Farm aid and other organizations have been fighting the losing battle against this for 30 years now. Dairy and meat farming is done in those white sheds you see from the freeway, no longer on the green pastures of home with the old farmhouses and barns. Those beautiful buildings now stand in ruin across the country. This has happened on our watch while the country slept, distracted by advertising and false information from the corporations. Monsanto and others simply pay the politicians for voting their way. This is because of "Citizens United", a legislation that has made it possible for corporations to have the same rights as people, while remaining immune to people's laws. Both Democratic and Republican front runners are in bed with Monsanto, from Clinton to Bush, as many government branches are and have been for years. This presidential election could further cement the dominance of corporation's rights over people's rights in America. If you have a voice you have a choice. Use it.On the human side, the film I would like you to see tells the story of a farming family in America, but the same thing is happening around the world. It is a story that takes 10 minutes of your time to see. It is a simple human one, telling the heartbreaking story of one man who fought the corporate behemoth Monsanto, and it illustrates why I was moved to write The Monsanto Years.The film presents a rare opportunity to hear from the source as Mr. White is one of only four farmers who is still legally allowed to speak about his case as all the others have been effectively silenced.Thanks for reading this and I hope you look at this simple and powerful film, "Seeding Fear". Neil YoungThe Monsanto Years

Posted by Neil Young on Thursday, July 23, 2015

Here's the newest Neil Young production: A moving and eye-opening video that examines the life of a fourth-generation farmer in rural Alabama who has been directly affected by GMO-loving corporation Monsanto. The video includes a message from environmental activist Neil Young, who is also releasing an anti-Monsonto concept album and recently publicly criticized Starbucks for its possible involvement with GMO crops.

Michael White is a farmer who was sued by Monsanto in 2003 for unknowingly cleaning Roundup Ready seed for a neighboring farmer. White's father, who is in his 80s, was also wrongfully sued by the company. White talks about the suit that he says ruined his father's life with tears in his eyes, "The opposition is a bunch of bunny rabbit lawyers wearing $1,000 suits, suing a man that went to war for the freedom for some scumbag to misuse." The farmer then talks about the concept of saving seeds and the tradition behind it, "I guess you could say God was the first farmer and the first thing he did was he created grasses, plants, herbs, and trees that would have seed in itself, meaning that it would reproduce next year." Watch the rest of the video to hear White speak of the fear that Monsanto has instilled in farmers across the country.