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New Cal Ripken-Themed Beer; World's Biggest Beer Garden Opens in North Carolina

Plus Lululemon is under fire for creating a culturally-insensitive label for their new brew.


— In honor of the 20th anniversary of Cal Ripken Jr. breaking Lou Gherig's consecutive baseball game record, Heavy Seas Beer has created a Ripken beer. According to The Washington Post, the Baltimore brewery is making 4,000 cases of their newest brew, Fielder's Choice — a commemorative lager celebrating Ripken. It will be released to retailers in Baltimore, Washington, and Delaware next week and will also be available at Camden Yards.

— Cashing in on the craft beer craze, a two-story beer garden opening in North Carolina this week will boast the title of being the biggest in the world, according to Condé Nast Traveler. Named Raleigh Beer Garden, the 8,500-square-foot spot will have a record-breaking 366 beers on tap, including 144 from North Caroline alone. Also paying homage to North Carolina is the design of the space: The countertops, bars, and tables are made from local pecan trees that grew on the land where the bar is now located and the exterior is made from locally-sourced wood.

— In other beer news, upscale yoga brand Lululemon Athletica is being heavily criticized for its choice of branding, reports The Guardian. The company, who recently released its first beer called Curiosity Lager, Instagrammed an image of the label and was quickly met with unexpected criticism from the public. Many are openly attacking the company for cultural insensitivity due to an image of a cartoon totem pole drawn on the label. The beer can — available at the SeaWheeze Sunset Festival and Half Marathon in Vancouver, as well as at a few liquor stores across the country — has been deemed by many as insulting to indigenous people, not to mention a weird choice for an athletic brand.