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Screaming Toddler Spurs Sympathetic Stranger to Pay for Family's Check

The patron admired how the parents handled the distraught child.


In a world where some restaurants are effectively banning babies and toddlers, one mom found herself incredibly grateful for an especially understanding and generous restaurant patron. According to ABC 11, Melissa Wistehuff was on vacation with her family in North Carolina when they decided to go out to dinner as a family. Wistehuff and her husband have three children — a 7-year-old, a 5-year-old, and a 2-year old — the youngest of which decided to cause a ruckus during a dinner at Sammy's Seafood House.

The two-year-old threw a not-very-quiet temper tantrum right before the appetizers came out. So Wistehuff quickly whisked him outside of the restaurant to try and calm him down. When she came back in, the toddler had more fight left in him: "He let it rip. He was really loud, screaming." Wistehuff's husband then quickly took the toddler outside while she asked for the check.

That's when the server told her that the family's $86 dinner had been taken care of by another patron at the restaurant. The server told Wistehuff that the generous patron "admired how we handled the situation. [We] got him out of the restaurant and not having to put the other people in the restaurant through a tantrum." Plus, the diner must have felt some sympathy for the family. Handling a difficult child in a public place isn't easy.

Some restaurants have policies that reward families for well-behaved children. A restaurant in Calgary, Canada offers diners a $5 discount if their children do not act up during the meal, while a restaurant in Washington offers patrons a $4 discount for their kids' good behavior.