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Burger King Delivers Personalized Burger to Prince William

It features a lamb patty.

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Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Prince William is a long way off from becoming the King of England, but he became a legitimate burger king yesterday. The Telegraph writes that a former chef who worked with the Duke of Cambridge when he served in the Royal Air Force recently revealed that William's favorite food was something called the "Royal Welsh Lamb Burger." It's made with lamb, Snowdonia cheese, bacon, a fried egg, mint sauce, and paprika.

Once Burger King — a chain that loves a marketing stunt — got word of this, it created a riff on the burger in the the prince's honor. According to the Daily Mirror, the special edition "Prince William Whopper" features a lamb patty, cheese, bacon, and an egg. Burger King then sent a delivery driver to the Kensington Palace gates yesterday to deliver the burger to the prince, along with a paper crown because you can't be a true burger king with out one.

There is no word on whether or not the burger actually reached William or if he ate it, but that didn't stop the chain from declaring that it had brought "a taste of our kingdom to the future King of England."

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