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McDonald's Customer Punched Employee Because Restaurant Ran Out of Double Cheeseburgers

Only a double cheeseburger would do.


Sometimes all you want in life is a cheeseburger, but that's no excuse to resort to violence. A new video has surfaced showing a McDonald's customer punching an employee in the face after he was told that the restaurant had run out of double cheeseburgers. The footage — which was filmed on a customer's phone — shows the customer getting more irate as he argued with the staff behind the counter, while dropping a number of curse words and slurs ("F*** that other punk a** n******. Man ... ain't no more double cheeseburgers, f*** sake.")

The customer then clocks the employee with his left hand before running to the side of the counter as if he's trying to get into the kitchen. Some onlookers started laughing while most appeared to be shocked. Eater has reached out to McDonald's for comment.

This, unfortunately, is not the first time an angry customer has turned to violence in a fast food restaurant. Last year, a Taco Bell customer in Florida got into an argument with an employee. The customer then proceeded to throw a "soda cup filled with hot sauce" at the employee's face. The customer was promptly banned for life. Watch the McDonald's fight below: