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Campbell's Soup Will Nix Artificial Colors and Flavors by End of 2018

The company plans to cut down on its use of high fructose corn syrup, too.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Campbell's Soup Co. — which makes its iconic namesake soup brand, Pepperidge Farm products, and V8 beverages — is the latest company to hop on the anti-artificial ingredient bandwagon. According to Bloomberg, the company plans to make all of its products sold in North America without artificial colors or flavors by August 2018. Campbell's CEO Denise Morrison revealed during the company's investor day that Campbell's is making this change as "part of an effort to be more open with consumers." She added, "We will be more honest about what goes in our food, how we made our food."

The Wall Street Journal writes that in addition to removing artificial ingredients, Campbell's will remove high-fructose corn syrup — a controversial sweetener — from many of its products as well. Morrison noted, "From boomers to millennials, consumers are seeking fresher, less-processed foods." The company may still use GMO products, however. 

In the past few months a number of packaged food companies like NestléKraft, and General Mills have announced that they are ridding their products of artificial ingredients. As consumers demand healthier options, many restaurant chains — including Panera BreadSubway, and Taco Bell — have also pledged to find natural replacements for many ingredients.

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