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Someone Is Writing a Musical About the 'Where's The Beef?' Lady

The show is called "Clara And The Beef."


There's nothing as riveting as knowing that your favorite hamburger-centric television advertisement of the past may be getting its very own musical. According to the A.V. Club, Marlene Necheles — the daughter of Wendy's advertisement star Clara Pellar — is writing a show all about her mom. Pellar — who died in 1987 — is best known as the "Where's The Beer?" lady from the chain's popular ads from the 1980s.

Called Clara And The Beef, the show will focus on Pellar's life and her "meteoric rise to hamburger-based fame." The show's website notes the musical will tell the story of Pellar's time as a single mother turned salon owner who became the star of one of the most famous commercials ever made. The songs — which include "American Cattlemen," "Looking for the Beef," and "I Want To Be My Own Boss" — tend to center around beef and entreprenurial themes. The Columbus Dispatch writes that the show is currently in development and that Necheles is "shopping for a theater company to take on a scaled-down production for festival performances."

Clara and The Beef Will is not the lone food-based musical. In 2010, two writers created the off-Broadway show Hot Dogs: the Competitive Eating Musical. The show drew inspiration from the annual Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Competition in New York City's Coney Island. Check out the "Where's the Beef?" ad below: