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World's Worst Customer Shouted Racial Slurs at Family and Slapped Waitress

He claimed that the family "didn't mind his belittling."

Official Mugshot

Here's how to make a total fool of yourself when dining at a restaurant: According to WSPA, 23-year-old Dustin Lowery was arrested Friday night at Shucker's Raw Bar in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The police report says that Lowery — a white male who "smelled strongly of alcohol" — told police that he had been "joking" with an African American family in the restaurant and was calling them a number of racial slurs. Lowery claimed that the family "didn't mind his belittling."  However, restaurant staff said the family decided to leave the restaurant rather than continue to listen to Lowery.

The situation only escalated from there: The police report says that when a waitress asked Lowery and his family to leave, Lowery became "irate and slapped the female employee in the face." Lowery alleged that she hit him first. However, according to The Smoking Gun, another employee confirmed the waitress' account and added that Lowery tried to leave without paying as well. Lowery was arrested and charged with assault and battery.

Myrtle Beach restaurants appear to receive a number of rather difficult customers. Earlier this month a woman was arrested after she failed to pay the check at a buffet restaurant. She claimed that "someone would pay the bill for her" and that by "someone" she meant Jesus Christ.

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