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Kind-Hearted Stranger Leaves $1,000 Tip for Teenage Server

It is nearly a 5000 percent tip.


Though many people use restaurants receipts as a platform to leave mean notes, others use them as an opportunity to commit acts of kindnessAccording to ABC, a 19-year-old server at a restaurant in Illinois was recently the recipient of one such act. Brendan Motil was working a slow night at Smokey Barque BBQ in Frankfort, and spent time "chatting with a customer about life."

When Motil went to collect the customer's signed receipt, he noticed that the man had left him a lengthy note and a $1,000 tip on a $20.31 bill. The note read: "You're doing a great job as a server. I'm not sure what your hopes and dreams are in life, but I hope this tip helps." The man added, "The world can be so negative and violent.I commit random acts of kindness to let others know there can be another way." Motil notes that he plans to use the nearly 5,000 percent tip towards his college tuition.

A similar random act of kindness took place at a South Carolina restaurant in May. A generous customer left a $9,000 tip to be split among the five customers dining in the restaurant at the time and three waitresses. Check out the note below:

Photo: Z103.5/Facebook

Photo: Z103.5/Facebook