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Dunkin' Donuts Convinced David Ortiz and Rob Gronkowski to Sing a Love Song About Iced Coffee

It's in Spanish, too.


Boston-based chain Dunkin' Donuts roped in two fellow famous Bostonians — Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski — to promote its iced coffee. Not only did the chain convince the sports stars to promote its watery coffee-flavored swill, Dunkin' got them to do it in a love song, in Spanish, complete with a cheesy music videoOrtiz handles the vocals while Gronkowski chimes in with the occasional helpful explanation ("That was a love song about iced coffee, in Spanish").

The Spanish ballad to iced coffee — titled "Me Estoy Enamorando" — is just the latest musical collaboration between Dunkin' and the two athletes: Previous tracks include "Turn It Up," which features plenty of autotune, and "Sippin'," which takes place poolside. Watch the Spanish love song to iced coffee below: