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Chipotle's Infamous 'Quesarito' Now Has a Standard Price

It still isn't on the official menu.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Heads up, in-the-know Chipotle fans. The "quesarito," a beloved secret menu item comprised of a cheese quesadilla wrapped around burrito fillings, now has a standard price at all of the fast-casual chain's locations. It doesn't come cheap, costing $3.50 more than a standard burrito. Many Chipotle restaurants previously served quesaritos for the same price as regular burritos, but as one employee notes on Twitter, that policy has changed.

Chipotle says the added expense compensates "the time needed to make a quesarito" and ensures "consistency in the way that all customers are charged for this item." Chipotle communications director Chris Arnold explained the decision to Entrepreneur: "In the case of the quesarito, people were ordering them with enough frequency, and we'd see confusion among customers from time to time because they could be charged differently when they order it."

This appears to be a time of greater transparency regarding hush-hush dishes at popular restaurants. A McDonald's manager recently revealed that the chain's buzzed-about secret menu, which includes items like the "McGangBang" and "Land, Air, and Sea" burger, really does exist.

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