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Your Grandma's Bundt Cake Recipe Might Win You a Free $390K House

That's not a bad deal.

All Images Credit Home Recipe Contest/Facebook

While plenty of Americans are guilty of indulging in too much dessert, one woman is going as far as trading in her home to satisfy her sweet tooth. According to the Associated Press, California resident Erin Allard has decided to offer up her 1906 Craftsman home as the grand prize in a dessert contest. The recently restored 2,267-square-foot house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms and is valued at $390,000.

So, what would posses somebody to give up their home for dessert? Allard thinks the answer is simple enough: It can take months to sell a home in the rural town of Jackson, where she lives. Although this may sound like a joke, Allard, who works as a local real estate agent, is taking the competition seriously, spending weeks researching every detail to make sure all goes smoothly. For anyone in the market to buy a home for a killer slice of apple pie, submissions are being accepted through September 7 and require a $100 application fee.

A $390,000 house seems like a steep price to pay for a good recipe. It's even more outrageous than paying $8,200 for a bunch of grapes, which happened earlier this month.