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Bojangles' Customer Orders Fried Chicken, Receives $4,500 Instead

That's an order screw-up most people would tolerate.

Flickr/Gerry Dincher

A drive-thru customer at a Bojangles' in Virginia received a surprise when his to-go box was filled with cash instead of fried chicken. James Minor told WTVR-TV he sent back a cold order of chicken, and when he opened the replacement box, he found several bank deposit slips and $4,500 in cash. Minor went inside to alert the restaurant's management, but he didn't like the reaction.

"He told me in an arrogant, nasty attitude being disrespectful saying that, ‘We would've called the authorities on you, too,'" Minor told WTVR. "Here I am doing a good thing, bringing the money back. Most folks probably would've kept on going and wouldn't have recognized it until they got home."

Despite the attitude, the chicken chain offered him a $100 Bojangles gift card. Minor said he returned the money because "I'm honest. I know what integrity is. I have integrity." Although, he'd like some better compensation for that honesty and integrity.

"I deserve respect, an apologetic letter from the Bojangles' company, and probably a cash reward," Minor told WTVR. "What is a $100 gift certificate when you're bringing in $4,500?"

Cash payouts served in place of fast food chicken might be a growing trend. In January, a New Hampshire woman ordered a chicken sandwich from her local Burger King, but instead received a bag containing more than $2,600.