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Restaurant Sets Table in Honor of the Servicemen Shot in Chattanooga

The five servicemen were victims of tragic shootings at two military facilities.

Jason Davis/Getty Images

A restaurant in Tennessee has set up a touching tribute to the four marines and sailor slain during last Thursday's tragic shootings at two military facilities in Chattanooga. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a Texas Roadhouse in Chattanooga set a table for five Friday in honor of the fallen service men. Manager Doug Flack — a former marine — tells the paper, "I felt like this was the least we could do."

Flack explains the components of the table to WBIR: "We placed a setting for each of the fallen... We had an inverted mug since they weren't here to partake with us. We have salt and lemon on the table to express bitterness and loss. We have a red ribbon for the blood that was shed." Flack notes that he never expected his gesture to be in the "spotlight," but that a huge number of people have come "out of their way to pay [the servicemen] respect." People have also been bringing flowers, notes, and gifts of thanks to the restaurant to place at the table.

Flack says that the restaurant will not take the memorial down until all five of the fallen servicemen "have been laid to rest" and that he will make sure that any donations the restaurant receives will go to the victims' families. The memorial is a refreshing change. Often stories about Texas Roadhouse involve toddlers accidentally being served alcohol and waitresses being fired for complaining about low tips on Facebook.