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Unfit Parent Left Kids at Waffle House at Midnight to Hit Up a Bar

The mother claims she left the children to take care of a bar tab.


Another day, another crime at a Waffle House: According to the Augusta Chronicle, a woman was arrested today for allegedly leaving three children at the chain — known for being open around the clock — while she went drinking. Police were called to the Waffle House in Georgia around midnight when employees reported that two 12-year-olds and one 11-year-old had been "left alone at the restaurant and were crying in the parking lot."

According to police, a waitress saw 38-year-old Rhiannon Gentry drop off her children with "money to pay for food," before leaving to go to the Wild Wings Cafe across the street. About half an hour later, the restaurant called the cops. However, the kids did not have enough money to pay for their meals. The waitress added that the kids "cried on several occasions" because Gentry had not come back to check on them. A Waffle House customer stopped the kids from crossing a busy road to get to the cafe where Gentry was supposedly drinking and another customer went into the restaurant in search of Gentry. He says he found her "drinking at the bar with two men."

Gentry returned to the Waffle House to find police with the kids — two of which are hers; the other one belonged to another woman she met at a local hotel: "The mother told police she met Gentry and her children earlier that day at the hotel pool and had allowed her daughter to go eat with the children, but was not aware they would be unsupervised." Gentry claims that she had only left the children to go pay for drinks "she had earlier" at Wild Wings.

Unfortunately, Gentry isn't the first adult to leave a child behind at a restaurant. Earlier this month, a father abandoned his three-year-old daughter at a Subway in New York City before going to get drunk. He was arrested the next morning.