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Why Paul Rudd Works at Baskin-Robbins in 'Ant-Man'

Filmmakers initially wanted the character to work at Chipotle.


In Marvel's latest movie, Ant-Man, the lead character (played by buffet-lover Paul Rudd) gets a job at fellow hyphenated name ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins after leaving prison. So why did the filmmakers pick Baskin-Robbins in particular? Director Peyton Reed tells USA Today that initially they wanted Ant-Man to work at Chipotle. However, Chipotle "didn't particularly like the context in which they were using their brand."

The filmmakers considered using a fake Mexican chain called "Chiplotnicks" but decided it wouldn't be as effective. They contemplated using Jamba Juice, too, but eventually landed on Baskin-Robbins because "who doesn't like Baskin-Robbins?" Reed adds that the ice cream shop's bright pastel interior ended up providing a "funny contrast" to the movie's prison scenes and the character's dark criminal past.

While restaurants like Noma have ants on the menu, it does not seem likely that Baskin-Robbins will incorporate ants into its ice creams anytime soon — a total missed marketing opportunity with the film. After all, insects might just be the food the future.

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