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AMC Is Developing a Comedy Called 'Foodies'

It is set in LA's "fast-paced culinary world."


It seems like every network these days has a number of strange food shows, so why shouldn't AMC join in on the fun? According to Deadline, AMC is currently developing a half-hour comedy show dubbed Foodies.

Set in Los Angeles' "fast-paced culinary world," the show will follow a group of "obsessive foodies who'll go to any length to indulge their favorite past time." Foodies is written by Duncan Birmingham (Maron) and Michael London (The Illusionist, Milk) will serve as executive producer.

This isn't the only food centric show AMC has in development. In April, it was revealed that the network — which is behind such shows as Mad Men and Breaking Bad — is working on a "fast-food period comedy" under the working title of Fast Boys. The show chronicles "how the fast-food industry emerged in San Bernardino, Calif. after World War II."