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Chrissy Teigen Flipped Out Over Her Jack in the Box Order on Twitter

She accused her Postmates driver of eating her order.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Ever wonder how model and future cookbook author Chrissy Teigen spends her Wednesday evenings? Turns out she uses them to try to order Jack in the Box from Postmates, the messenger service that will deliver food from a number of restaurants. Teigen took to Twitter to talk about her experience ordering Jack in the Box through the company which turned into a somewhat dramatic saga. She tweeted her Postmate Caleb "said he was delivering my Jack in the Box and it never came and now I feel both ashamed and sad" and even went on to accuse him of eating her order ("Caleb is fucking eating my two tacos").

But it turns out that her order had a note to leave it at the front desk and Teigen admitted that she might have given the company the wrong address. She jokingly offered to "take over all of caleb's orders for a day" as punishment for her mistake.

Even though the company has mixed reviews and can charge upwards of $20 per delivery, the Postmates has seen much success as of late. Last week, Postmates announced that it secured another $80 million in its latest around of funding, bringing the company's valuation to nearly half a billion dollars. Plus, Postmates has delivery partnerships with major chains like Chipotle and Starbucks, snagging the latter from Uber. CEO Bastian Lehmann says that to date, Postmates has "surpassed 2.5 million deliveries across 28 different markets."

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