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Cheap Eats Week Day Four: Pork Rolls, Cheap Oysters, and Papaya King

Plus a Midwestern cafeteria staple and a seven-course steal.

Papaya King hot dog.
Papaya King hot dog.
Nick Solares

Eater's very first Cheap Eats Week will soon wrap up, but first let's take a look at what went down on day four. There's an intense $10/day dining competition happening in New York, and editors and writers from all over also attempted to eat in their respective cities for just ten dollars. Keep reading to see what else happened.

The Story of Papaya King, a New York City Original
Nick Solares, Eater NY
Appointed with a layer of onions, a hot dog from the Papaya King hits all of the right flavor and texture notes — the dog is heavy on the garlic with just a hint of smoke; it's pleasingly salty; and the casing provides a wonderful snap and subsequent explosion of juice revealing the undeniably beefy flavor when bitten.

How Bosco Sticks Became the Secret Weapon of Midwestern Cafeterias
Khushbu Shah, Eater
The breadsticks were a beacon of hope among the mushy green bean casserole- and overcooked hot dog-strewn landscape of my elementary school lunch line.

This Seven-Course Vietnamese Beef Bonanza Is a Steal at $17
Amy McCarthy, Eater Dallas
This Vietnamese restaurant serves up the standard dishes you'd expect to find, but it's perhaps most well-known for its stunning preparations of whole catfish, one of which seems to land at practically every table.

Pork chop. [Photo: Matthew Kang]

The Fried Pork Chop at Old Country Cafe Taught Me to Embrace My Taiwanese Heritage
Esther Tseng, Eater LA
And every once in awhile, I'll revisit Old Country Café, just to return to the scene of where I learned to become Taiwanese.

The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Oysters in New Orleans
Gwendolyn Knapp, Eater New Orleans
For the fearless, and tireless, bivalve connoisseurs of summer, here are the hottest oyster happy hours in New Orleans in 2015.

All About Pork Roll, New Jersey's Own Cheap Eat
Cynthia Correa, Eater
If you're from New Jersey, pork roll — also known as Taylor ham — has been a breakfast staple since pretty much birth.