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Paul Rudd Once Ate So Much Chinese Food at a Buffet That He Fainted

"We would get dessert and then go back for mu shu pork."

Actor Paul Rudd stopped by Conan last night to promote his new film Ant-Man. Rudd opened up about his experience of being a broke 20-year-old when he first move to Hollywood. Not only did he not have any money for a mattress — Rudd admits he slept on towels for a while — he only had a few dollars to spend on food. So, Rudd would hit an all-you-can-eat Chinese food buffet for $2.50.

Rudd was super thrifty: "I used to take my backpack filled with Tupperware... I would go to the food bar, which looked like a rainbow trout there was so much MSG sprinkled on top of it, and I would put it in these tupperware bins, and stuff it in my backpack and heat it up to eat the next day." (Rudd would have crushed Eater's Cheap Eats Week contest.) The actor reveals that he used to gorge so hard at the buffet that one time he "got up to leave and fainted," which Conan quips must have been due to "MSG shock."