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Brewery Yoga Is the Perfect Excuse to Drink After a Workout

Nothing like doing the downward dog and then downing a beer.


Are you more motivated to do downward dog if you get to knock back a beer or two afterwards? Perhaps, yes. According to ABC, the newest trend is doing yoga in breweries. Tammy Portnoy, the marketing director for Port City Brewing Co. in Virginia, notes that so far the her brewery has received positive feedback on their in-house yoga classes. Portnoy explains the appeal: "Going to a yoga studio, there's nowhere to hang out afterwards. This way we're able to give people the social and yoga experience all in one."

The classes benefit both yoga teachers — who get a large space to teach classes — and the brewery, which gets to introduce new customers to its products. Portnoy notes that the yoga classes are great for sales and that the brewhouse is typically filled with more people after a class than they might usually get on a weeknight. Yoga teacher Beth Cosi — who founded Bendy Brewski in Charleston, S.C. — says that brewery yoga classes bring in a new customer base, too: "I get a lot of men, and you don't see a lot of men in yoga studios. Sometimes I have more men than women."

The classes — which often have punny monikers — typically fall around the $15 mark and include a pint of beer. The concept is currently offered by more than a dozen breweries around the country (and appears to be quite popular in Denver in particular). Adrienne Rinaldi, the founder of BrewAsanas, tells ABC that she is even considering franchising.

If a post-workout beer isn't quite your thing, there are fitness studios that offer "wet workouts," or fitness classes that are followed by all-you-can drink wine or whiskey.