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Upcoming 'Twin Peaks' Pop-Up Restaurant May or May Not Serve Pie

It will open in London this August.


London loves a pop-up, especially one themed after a television show. The city already played host to a massive Game of Thrones pop-up restaurant, a Breaking Bad pop-up bar is in the works, and soon, a temporary Twin Peaks restaurant will set up shop. According to Time Out, it won't just be a regular pop-up, but an "immersive Twin Peaks theatre complete with a three-course meal designed by experimental foodies."

Called "The Owls are Not What They Seem," the restaurant will also offer themed cocktails and mysterious "interactive" encounters. Details about the pop-up are scarce, but it's probably safe to assume that coffee and pie will make some sort of appearance. Or at least some doughnuts (ideally served by Kyle MacLachlan himself). The pop-up will run from August 27th through October 17th.