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Eating Out for Ten Dollars a Day in 21 Cities

Eater staffers seek out the cheapest dining options they can find.

A buffet in Vegas.
A buffet in Vegas.
Amelinda B. Lee

Editors across the Eaterverse attempted to eat in their cities on $10/day. Here's how they fared.

  • What's a fragel? Find out in Ann Arbor
  • After migas and more, Austin's editor has enough money to end the day with a gumball
  • The Eater Boston editor is foiled by tacos
  • In Charleston, you can get two biscuits for $3
  • "Solo un tamale??" and five other dishes in Chicago
  • Pepperoni rolls and chile-mango paletas make the cut in Dallas
  • $1.50 breakfast burritos are the right move in Denver
  • Pumpkin-matcha bread and sesame buns galore in Houston
  • What a $7.99 buffet gets you in Las Vegas
Big Mama's Doughnuts. [Photo: Matthew Kang]

Big Mama's Doughnuts. [Photo: Matthew Kang]

  • "It's a reminder that Los Angeles truly is the best place to eat in the world."
  • It is in fact possible to eat on $10 in Miami's South Beach
  • Someone had to hit on cheap wings, and it was done in Minneapolis
  • Negotiation is king in Montreal
  • Beignets, banh mi, and more in New Orleans
  • Editors in New York are eating out on $10/day all week
El Chucho tacos in DC. [Photo: <a href="">Rey Lopez</a>]

El Chucho tacos in DC. [Photo: Rey Lopez]

  • Great strategy in Philadelphia: Start the day with coconut and pork buns, end it with banh mi and a spring roll.
  • A lesson out of Portland, Maine: "Throw caution to the wind and order the damn espresso."
  • Kids meals and goat cheese-Thai chile pastries factor into a $10 day in Portland, Oregon's most expensive neighborhood
  • Smart move in San Diego: Eggs with free fortune cookies — and, of course, fish tacos for dinner
  • The lesson in San Francisco: Think hard about your breakfast choices
  • Crunchy-shelled chicken tacos is a beautiful phrase and a beautiful thing to eat in Seattle
  • In Washington, DC, a writer stole (free) peanuts from Five Guys