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Crafty Graffiti Artist Trolls McDonald's With Its Own Emoji Ad

Incredible how much one emoji can change a story.


McDonald's latest attempt to connect with millennials was thwarted by a prankster graffiti artist. According to Mashable, McDonald's recently had the bright idea to advertise with emojis, the language of the millennial generation. Like many of its other attempts to connect with young diners — letting customers pay with selfies wasn't exactly the restaurant's brightest idea — it didn't work out so well.

The chain launched its "Good Times" campaign across England. Ads on billboards displayed emoji stories. They read like this: Drivers are stuck in construction, so they are sad, but then they go to McDonald's and they become happy. One clever graffiti artist decided to add his own twist to one of the billboard stories. The artist painted a subtle emoji that managed to troll the chain on its own ad: Tacked on to the end of the story is a "puking" emoji face, changing the outcome of the story completely.

McDonald's has been struggling as of late. Sales are down, and in the process of restructuring, the company is shuttering more locations than it's opening for the first time in its history this year. The chain claims that its restructuring plan also involves focusing more on its food and less on millennials, though it appears to have forgotten that part when it launched emoji ads.