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Nestlé Turns to 'Nude' Baristas to Sell Its New Natural Creamer

The company wanted to emphasis that the creamer is "all-natural."


Nestlé's stunt-y ad for a new coffee creamer features lots of naked humans. According to Adweek, the company wanted to do something with a "little shock value" to promote its new "all-natural" Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss creamer — Nestlé is on an anti-artificial ingredients kick after all. For shock value, the Nestlé turned to the age old trick of sex — in the form of baristas wearing nothing but body paint — which, well, tends to sell.

The company took over New York City coffee shop Irving Farm Coffee Roasters for a day with their body painted baristas, along with some nude customers, painted to look like they are wearing cycling outfits or jeans. (Because naked is "natural" just like their new creamer, duh.) Nestlé filmed customers' reactions to the naked baristas — all of whom were models and actors — as they handed out free coffee and samples of the creamer. Pierre Lipton — the chief creative offices at 360i, the agency behind the advertisement — tells Adweek that New Yorkers were "more shocked that the coffee was free than by the naked people."

Nestlé is no stranger to using stunts to sell products. Last year the company unleashed an army of humanoid robots to sell its Nescafé coffee machines in home appliance stores across Japan. The robots read customers' facial expressions and tones of voice to "analyze how they are feeling" which shapes how the robot responds in an attempt to sell a machine. Check out the Coffee-mate Natural Bliss creamer ad below:

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