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Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

A rapper out of Philadelphia has thrown some musical punches at controversial butter queen Paula Deen, who was fired from Food Network after she admitted to using the N-word . According to Music Times, Marv Mack's newest mixtape Golden Band-Aids features a single simply titled "Paula Deen," which is about the treatment of African-Americans in general and Deen's "racist" ways. Coincidentally, the mixtape dropped right around the time Deen reappeared in the headlines for tweeting an image of her son Bobby Deen in blackface.

Mack explains that he never intended to write a song about Paula Deen: "I remember watching the Trayvon Martin trial ... The whole trial made me mad as sh*t so I turned the channel and low and behold, on the next channel is the Paula Deen scandal, adding salt to my wounds. I couldn't escape it. Something was telling me, 'This is an issue that you need to address in your own way.'" So he went into the studio with a song that features lyrics like "Paula Deen, hallelujah/Paul Deen I'm going to pray for you/ Paula Deen I'm going to bring on the day these n*ggas will no longer pay for you." The video for the single features creepy television clips of Deen.

Mack adds that he has no advice for Deen. "I'm happy she is showing her true colors, instead of being a closet racist, and giving me the opportunity to further expose her trifling ass."