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McDonald's Puts on a Suit, Becomes 'Restaurant M'

The American burger chain is getting fancy in Japan.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

McDonald's isn't exactly known for being a high-end place to grab a meal. In fact, it's just the opposite: a worldwide chain that offers low-rent food at a low, low price. Well, for one night only in Japan, that all changes. Meet "Restaurant M."

The Roppongi Hills McDonald's in Tokyo will transform into Restaurant M on July 27, reports Kotaku, serving fancy food meant to be eaten with an actual fork and knife. Only 10 groups of 20 customers, selected via McDonald's official site in Japan, will get to take part in the experience. There will be white tablecloths; real, non-paper napkins; and silverware. However, the dishes appear to be made mostly of repurposed McDonald's items, so it's unclear if the cuisine will live up to the ambiance.