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Woman Believed Jesus Christ Would Pay Her Dinner Tab

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She was arrested for defrauding a restaurant.


It's probably better to not bank on Jesus taking the wheel, or picking up your dinner tab. According to WCBD-TV, 51-year-old April Lee Yates was expecting the former which got her into quite a bit of trouble. On Sunday evening, Yates spent four hours dining at Bennetts Calabash — a seafood buffet restaurant — in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The police report notes that during her time at the restaurant she "started to cause a disturbance with patrons," and management asked her to pay her check and leave.

Yates had no plans to pay her $26 dollar tab, and refused to do so. WMBF notes that management then called the police. Yates apparently told officers that she had no money on her, and entered the restaurant fully aware of this fact. When the police asked Yates what she planned to do when the check came, she said "someone would pay the bill for her," and by someone, she clarified, she meant "Jesus." However, there was no divine intervention and Yates was arrested for defrauding a restaurant.

People need to stop expecting Jesus to foot their dinner bills. Last October, a woman in Oklahoma walked out on her check, telling the restaurant and police that her husband — Jesus Christ — "would be coming to pick up the tab." Alas, no one could save her from being arrested for ordering several alcoholic drinks without being able to pay for them.

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