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Teens Are Taking Doughnut-Licking Selfies in Support of Ariana Grande

Teen advocacy at its finest. SMH.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

What does it take to inspire teenagers around the country to band together and take their advocacy to Instagram? Racially motivated shootings? An upcoming election? Nope. Just one doughnut-licking, America-hating, frequently cat-eared pop star. Teens are posting selfies of themselves licking doughnut emojis to show their support Ariana Grande, who recently made headlines for licking doughnuts in a shop and declaring that she hates America.

The California doughnut shop may be filing charges, but Grande has droves of teens protecting her and her high ponytail. The Instagram account Lick Donuts With Ari features #arianator selfies and boldly declares "If she licks we ALL LICK with her." Wonder what the DOH has to say about that?