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Baseball Fans Will Consume Over a Million Pounds of Popcorn at This Year's All-Star Game

Attendees will wash down all that popcorn with 301,000 gallons of soda.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Sure, sports are played in stadiums, but the real game is the eating. Stadiums are known for their no-holds-barred attitude toward gluttony, and Major League Baseball's All-Star Game is no exception. The game takes place tonight in Cincinnati and coupled with the Home Run Derby that took place Monday night, concessions company Delaware North Sportservice is expecting to go through an insane amount of food. Here's the predicted all-star consumption that will go down at the 2015 All-Star Game, as reported by NBC:

1,026,000: Pounds of popcorn fans are expected to purchase.

301,000: Gallons of soda attendees will drink.

77,000: Pounds of sausages fans will consume.

153,300: Pounds of peanuts expected to be eaten. No figures for Cracker Jack, however.

124,200: Pounds of pretzels that will be purchased.

8,700: Gallons of ketchup that will be used.

2,415: Gallons of mustard that will be used.

Additionally, the game will feature a number of banh mi sandwiches, candy-topped ice cream bars, and a giant pig roast, because what is a baseball game without a giant pig roast?