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The Most Popular Cheap Eats in Each City According to Instagram

Americans love pizza, empanadas, and burritos.


Want to know what city is most obsessed with burritos? Photo printing company Photoworld put together an infographic using Instagram's API to show which cities across the world are most obsessed with a particular food. The map — which is based off of data from 100,000 Instagram photos — features a number of popular cheap eats including empanadas, pizza, and soup dumplings, many of which are incredibly popular in multiple American cities.

People in New York City really love bacon. Eight percent of the site's bacon hashtags came from the city. (Though Los Angeles also loves bacon too, coming in third.) New York City residents love to post pictures of burgers, too (though Londoners hashtag it more), and empanadas. Miami residents, as well as those in Los Angeles, frequently post images of empanadas as well, just not as many as New Yorkers. Most impressively, the number of pizza hashtags from NYC is "greater than in Naples, Rome, Milan, and Bologna put together."

Los Angeles, unsurprisingly loves posting pictures of Korean food — bulgogi in particular. Of all the pictures hash tagged bulgogi, 9.2 percent of them came from Los Angeles, which is more than Seoul. Burritos are also most frequently hash tagged in Los Angeles, followed by New York City, San Francisco, and San Diego. While banh mi — the Vietnamese sandwich staple — is most frequently tagged in Melbourne, the dish is also beloved in Los Angeles, as well as New York City and Washington, D.C.

Check out the interactive map below: