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Texas Might Offer Coupons for Alcohol; McDonald's New Zealand to Use Cage-Free Eggs

Plus critic Jay Rayner pummels steakhouse Smith & Wollensky.


— Residents of the state of Texas may soon be able to use coupons for beer and wine at stores. Currently, coupons are not allowed to be used towards alcohol in the state, but Kroger and other grocery stores want to change that. The grocery stores hope "a coupon might encourage you to try something new. Plus, if you come in for a bottle of wine or case of beer, you might pick up a few other items, too." However, mom-and-pop liquor stores are against the idea because they can't afford to dole out coupons like big-box grocery stores."

— McDonald's continues its streak of sourcing better ingredients. First the chain announced that it would stop using chicken and milk treated with human antibiotics, and now locations in New Zealand will switch to free-range eggs. This means that the eggs will only be sourced from hens that were raised in barns (and not in cages) that are given outdoor access.

The Guardian's food critic Jay Rayner visits the recently opened London outpost of American steakhouse chain Smith & Wollensky. He is far from impressed, writing that the restaurant is the "latest big-name steakhouse to cross the pond. Pity it didn't sink on the way." Even dessert — a slice of chocolate cake — couldn't save the meal of steaks served with "dire" sauces: " The cake is an obscenity, a foul, brusque monolith of heavy sponge and cack-handed mousse almost a foot high. It tastes of fat and sugar and disdain."

— More than half a year after bold thieves stole 76 bottles of expensive wine (worth $300K) from The French Laundry in California, authorities have yet to announce an arrest. Much of the wine was recovered in January in North Carolina, but the culprits are still at large. Authorities say that the case is still "high priority."

— The New York Post filed an op-ed today criticizing New York governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to increase minimum wage for fast food workers without lawmaker approval. To do so, he convened a panel that would evaluate if the wages should be increased, and if so, by how much, which he would then make a requirement. However, the NYP writes that all of the people on the panel "backed a hike" even before they launched their probe.

— Bad news for sushi and ceviche lovers in New York City. The Department of Health just announced that restaurants will be required to freeze "many types of fish for a minimum of 15 hours before serving them." This is so that bacteria will be killed off. There are some exceptions to the new regulations however, including shellfish, fresh-water fish, and certain types of tuna — many of which are used in sushi restaurants.

— Transgender Olympian Caitlyn Jenner has been hitting the restaurant circuit hard. She was spotted this past weekend while dining at Los Angeles' Sugarfish with her daughter, model Kendall Jenner, and Kendall's friend and fellow model Hailey Baldwin.