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Anthony Bourdain Admits to a KFC Addiction on His 'Close to the Bone' Tour

Bourdain also hates on Adam Richman and admires Guy Fieri's "pluck."

Larry French/Getty Images

Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain is currently on his new food-focused story-telling tour, called "Close to the Bone." It kicked off July 7 in Nashville and he most recently made a stop in Atlanta. Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal Constitution attended the show at the city's Fox Theatre which was packed with crowds of Bourdain "acolytes." Over the course of the show, Ho notes that Bourdain covered a number of topics such as bacon tattoos, his daughter, controversial TV host Adam Richman, and of course, one of his favorite subjects, Guy Fieri.

Bourdain spent plenty of time talking about his career traveling the world and eating, which he joked is "proof there is no God." He added that some of the kindest people he has ever met are from other countries, including Iran ("Governments are not their people.") But most of all, he still can't believe that his job is really is his: He marveled at the fact that 15 years ago he was a broke chef, and now he can "pocket more than $50,000 just by talking on stage for 90 minutes."

As for Guy Fieri, Ho writes that while he made a number of jokes about the spiky-haired Food Network star, Bourdain admitted that he admires "the guy's pluck." He had less kind things to say about Adam Richman whose show Man v. Food, while canceled in America, is still popular abroad. Bourdain worries that Richman eating more meat in one sitting than entire families consume "in an entire year," confirms to them that Americans are just "boorish, obese idiots."

Bourdain frequently speaks about his daughter, who is apparently a huge Alton Brown fan. Show attendees can expect to hear stories about Ariane, including the time Bourdain revealed to his 8-year-old daughter that he had convinced Brown to go to the Clermont — a quirky local strip club. Bourdain says he received a "reprimand from Ariane's school" after she began to tell the story about Brown and the strip club to her classmates. Perhaps the most surprising tidbit Bourdain revealed is that he loves KFC, not for its chicken, however, but for its mac and cheese. When fans catch him at the chain, he says it's like "being recognized leaving a porn shop."

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