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Awful Parent Abandons Three-Year-Old Daughter at a Subway

He was arrested the next day.


A man has been charged with abandoning his three-year-old daughter at a New York City Subway. According to the New York Times, 34-year-old Stanley Fredrique took his daughter Natalie to an outpost of the sandwich chain in Harlem and ordered a foot-long turkey sandwich Saturday night. By the time an employee had finished making the sandwich and handed it to the little girl, Fredrique had already left the store. Witnesses say the girl cried out for her dad and walked to the door but Fredrique shouted back from the street,"Go back in. Sit down; I'm coming right back." However, he failed to return.

CBS writes that a "good samaritan" at the restaurant took the child to the police station after walking the child around the neighborhood to see if she could recognize where she lived. Fredrique says he woke up Sunday morning "from a drunken sleep" in a different neighborhood. He told the police that he could only remember that he had been drinking. When he got in a cab to head home, he received a call from Natalie's mother asking where their daughter was. Fredrique panicked, asked the cab driver to pull over, and he told police officers that he had "lost his daughter."

The officers who knew of the abandoned girl took him to the precinct where he was arrested and charged with "reckless endangerment, abandonment of child, and acting in a manner injurious to a child." The girl was released into the custody of her mother. Fredrique claims he didn't leave his daughter adding, "You guys don't know what's going on in my life. You guys are not in my shoes."

Earlier this year, a couple was charged with child endangerment after they tried to abandon their three-month-old infant at a McDonald's in Ohio. The parents, who are separated, got into a fight over whose turn it was to watch the child. The father placed the baby in its car seat on the floor of the restaurant and drove away, and the baby's mother followed him, leaving the infant all alone.

Watch the local news story below: