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Taco Bell Customer Pulls Knife on Group of Teens

She was angry that they were standing in front of the soda fountain.

Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images

A poor Wi-Fi connection at a Taco Bell in Oklahoma kicked off a series of events that led to a woman pulling a knife on a group of teenage customers. According to Fox 23, 48-year-old Amber Henson became "agitated" when the chain's Wi-Fi would not work. The Tahlequah Daily Press writes Henson then went to get a drink from the soda fountain. A group of teenage boys were standing in front of the machine and "she had to squeeze through them to get her drink," notes police chief Nate King. This angered Henson who proceeded to spill her drink on one of the teens.

Henson started cursing when she was asked to leave by the staff. She waited outside of the restaurant, glaring through the window at the teens. King notes, "When the boys left, she confronted them and pulled out a knife." She then apparently tried to provoke the teenagers by telling them, "You want some? Any of you, come on." Henson eventually walked away and the teenagers called the police, who posted an image of Henson on Facebook and she was quickly identified. Henson claims she pulled the knife "in self-defense," but she was charged with "assault with a dangerous weapon on a minor."

Other fast food customers have also turned to weapons when angered. Last year in Nashville, a man went through the drive-thru of a local McDonald's. When an employee forgot one of the burgers in the customer's order, the angry customer returned to the restaurant with a gun. He waved it around, demanding a new sandwich, along with some fries and a drink. Watch the local news story below: