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Man Arrested at Disney World for Dining-and-Dashing Two Nights in a Row

He has been arrested at Disney World more than five times.

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Disney World offers a number of adventures for thrill seekers, but dining-and-dashing is not one of them. According to the Associated Press, that has never stopped 51-year-old Florida resident Jerry Moody, who frequently charges up large checks at restaurants and leaves with out paying them. Moody was arrested last week after a manager at the Wave Lounge within Disney's Contemporary Resort reported that he "racked up a $92 bar tab and tried to leave without paying." The Orlando Sentinel writes that a waitress at the Wave Lounge recognized Moody as the man who committed the same crime at a restaurant at Disney's Polynesian Resort the previous night.

Moody has a turbulent history with Disney World: Moody says he "likes to come to Disney," but he has been arrested on the theme park's properties on various charges five times over the past two-and-a-half years. Due to his various crimes, Moody is actually banned from Disney property.

Moody has been caught dining-and-dashing in the Orlando area as well, and has been arrested over 30 times. In May, Moody was caught after he left a BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse outpost without paying his $57.25 drinks tab. Moody apparently tried to pay with an empty gift card, but when the card was declined, Moody "left and sat on the patio of a restaurant next door." In October, authorities say he did "a similar thing" at the Uno Pizzeria across the street from the BJ's. Moody is currently being held on a $5,100 bond for his Disney-related crimes.

Moody appears to be kindred spirits with Baltimore's Andrew Palmer. The notorious dine-and-dasher was sentenced to five years in prison last year after he faked a medical emergency to avoid paying a $90 bill. Palmer's rap sheet is over 90 incidents long and features multiple incidents of dining-and-dashing from various establishments including a barbecue joint and a sports bar. Watch the local news story below:

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