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Millennials Use Phones Over Printed Recipes When Cooking, Says Google

Those above 35 are more likely to print out a recipe.


Google researched the cooking habits of millennials and found that they frequently use their phones as part of the process. The search giant — which teamed up with Kraft Foods and advertising agency McGarryBowen on the project — found that while those above 35 will print out recipes, nearly 60 percent of those between 25 and 34 will cook with "either their smartphones or tablets handy." Even throughout the cooking process, millennials are turning to their phones. They use their phones to get "information and guidance."

31 percent millenials say that that figuring out what to cook is the "least enjoyable part of the cooking process." Some of the top 100 food search terms include broad terms like "slow cooker recipes," and over the last year, the number of people searching "best recipes" on YouTube is up 48 percent. The research shows that millennials are also extremely interested in "food hacks" like cooking eggs in microwaves and "awesome ways to cut a watermelon."

Perhaps millennials are also interested in hacking restaurant menus, not just the kitchen. Last year, a developer created a clever hack to figure out just how far money really stretches at Taco Bell. Called Taco Bell Disrupt, it calculates all the menu items you can order to maximize your intake within a set budget. It also offers a calorie count for your order.