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Kitchen Nightmares' Most Notorious Restaurant, Amy's Baking Company, to Close

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But it's not the end for the drama-filled company.

Amy's Baking Company/Official

One of the biggest restaurant industry scandals in 2013 revolved around Amy's Baking Company — a restaurant in Scottsdale, Ariz. made famous after its appearance on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares — and its two notoriously illogical owners. Today, the Associated Press confirms the restaurant owned by Samy and Amy Bouzaglo will close. The owners are in negotiations to sell the property, though they plan to retain the name. Amy Bouzaglo told the AP that she will be "making desserts for a Phoenix-area restaurant group" and will also tape a series of online instructional videos on cooking and baking. (We can hardly wait.)

Amy's Baking Company is a unique story among restaurant industry scandals. The restaurant's original claim to fame occurred in a 2013 episode of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares in which Ramsay famously threw his hands in the air and gave up after watching the Bouzaglos steal servers' tips and yell at customers. People on social media and fans of Ramsay were outspoken in their judgment of Amy's, but the owners struck back in a big way, calling the show's fans "pathetic" and "trash," among other, mostly misspelled insults.

Not long after, they claimed their Facebook page had been hacked and that they hadn't written any of those insults themselves. An interview with a local radio station — in which Amy Bouzaglo sounded paranoid ("My husband and I started to feel that we were surrounded by Yelpers.") — didn't help things. Even drama king Guy Fieri was in "awe."

The latest news from Amy's Baking Company? Last October the owners sued Gordon Ramsay for sexual harassment.

The Bouzaglos told the AP that their restaurant drama from the past two years had nothing to do with the sale of the business. They claim instead that they had issues with their building's landlord.

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Amy's Baking Company

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