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Former Subway Guy Jared Fogle Allegedly Called Middle School Girls 'Hot'

Things keep getting worse for Fogle.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Things are not looking good for Subway's now former spokesperson Jared Fogle. Earlier this week, the FBI raided his home as part of a child pornography investigation. While he has not been arrested or charged, he is reportedly a suspect in the probe. Shortly after Fogle — a father of two — was dropped as the sandwich chain's pitchman. Now, according to Gawker, accusations are flying that Fogle made sexually inappropriate comments about middle schoolers in the past.

A former journalist — who wishes to remain anonymous — tells an ABC affiliate in Florida that she alerted the FBI about Fogle after he made a series of uncomfortable comments to her about young girls. The women claims that she has known Fogle for over 10 years and that he made these comments to her at a local event that Subway was sponsoring. She notes, "He said something to me when we were off camera and that really stuck with me. I thought to myself, ‘did he really say that to me?'"

Fogle apparently then admitted that he would "often visit schools in Sarasota County" and told her a number of times that "Middle school girls are hot." The woman claims that Fogle made "even more inappropriate comments," but would not reveal what they were. The former journalist says that she was so disturbed by his comments that she contacted the FBI shortly after, and that the agency had her wear a wire and record phone conversations with Fogle.

The child pornography investigation comes just as Fogle was preparing to rebrand himself. NY Daily News writes that Fogle was in the midst of transforming himself from a "weight-loss wonder into a fit family man." He told Bloomberg, "My life has evolved. The next step in my story is I have a family, and a lot of parents can relate to that. You want to be a role model for your children, and obviously one of the most important things is maintaining the weight, keeping it off."