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12 Things This J-Shaped Ice Cream Cone Looks Like in Addition to a Penis


Play J/Facebook

Play J, a new food truck in New York City, is selling what maybe the most err, unique, ice cream cone of all time. The J-shaped cones are made from puffed corn, are based off of a Korean dessert, and can be stuffed with chocolate or vanilla ice cream. While the shape may be odd (and very phallic) it apparently prevents any melted ice cream drippage. Regardless, it still looks like a penis and these 12 other things:

1. Gonzo's nose
2. ISIS flag/adult toy
3. A fishing hook
4. An upside down cane
5. Something used in a colonoscopy
6. A coat hook
7. An umbrella handle
8. A saxophone
9. Captain Hook's hand
10. A tool to clean a clogged drain
11. A messed up seahorse
12. Ebola (under a microscope)