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What It's Really Like Inside a Japanese Owl Cafe

Brace for a lot of owls.

America has numerous cat cafes, but it still lacks cafes filled with cuddly owls. To drink coffee or cocktails amongst the nocturnal bird, one must travel to cities like London and Tokyo. YouTube user Stu in Tokyo did just that and visited one in Tokyo, camera in hand, to show the world what the experience is really like.

The cafe he adventures to features a "forest of owl" theme, which means there's plenty of green plants throughout the space. As for the cafe component, there are no baristas. Instead, after paying an entrance fee, customers can help themselves to unlimited coffee drinks from a massive vending machine. Most importantly, there are plenty of owls in the space, many of which customers can pet, or even hold with the help of owl handlers that are stationed throughout the space.

Read more on Japan here.

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