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Why the Future of Food Is Not Soylent

Revolution CEO Steve Case argues that powdered food replacements are only the food future for a "handful of self-absorbed" Silicon Valley residents.


Is food replacement powder Soylent the future of food? Steve Case, the CEO of investment company Revolution doesn't believe so. In an op-ed on Re/Code, he argues that Soylent — which recently raised $20 million in funding — is only the "food future" for a "handful of self-absorbed" Silicon Valley residents.

Case writes that food is huge social element in life and Soylent discards the importance of breaking bread with friends and family ("Our lives are busy, but are we so arrogant to think that our obsession with building the latest app justifies ignoring our loved ones?"). He adds that some traditions, such as eating with loved ones, "are timeless and will prove themselves justifiably resistant to change," and Soylent and other similar products will not be able to change that.

To Case, the future of food is real food. He believes (and has invested in) companies like Sweetgreen that make healthier food more accessible. He believes that start-ups that fight and challenge big food companies are the food influencers of the future — not companies that make powdered food replacements.

Head over to Re/Code to read the full piece. >>

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