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Rob Carr/Getty Images

IPhone owners will soon be able to use Apple Pay for many more food and beverage purchases. Square, which has been making credit card readers that can connect to phones and tablets for a few years, is building a reader designed specifically for Apple's mobile payment system, reports Gizmodo. Apple announced the updates at its annual World Wide Developers Conference on Monday.

The new reader expands Apple Pay to places such as local coffeeshops and farmers markets. In addition to the new product from Square, Apple Pay will support rewards cards for specific brands, moving beyond just credit and debit cards. Among the companies already on board are Coca-Cola, Dunkin' Donuts, and Panera Bread. For users with multiple rewards cards, Apple Pay will automatically select the correct option at any given location.

Apple Pay's new integrations are set to give the service a much broader scope in the food world. It was already available for big brands like Subway and McDonald's, and Starbucks integrated it into the company's mobile app earlier this year. But, the new development allows almost any eatery to get in on the action.