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Senator Chuck Schumer Is Trying Really, Really Hard to Ban Palcohol

He plans on adding an amendment to a new bill that bans powdered alcohol.

We Oppose Palcohol/Facebook

New York Senator Chuck Schumer is still fighting the good fight to ban the powdered alcohol product called Palcohol. The federal government approved the controversial product, which comes in seven varieties such as Lemon Drop and Kamikaze, in March. However, according to the New York Daily News, Schumer — a vehement and vocal opponent of Palcohol from the start — plans to introduce an amendment to an upcoming bill "to outlaw the newfangled substance" before it can hit shelves this summer.

Schumer believes that Palcohol will only encourage underage drinking because it is easily concealed and difficult to measure. The senator notes, "For kids who abuse alcohol and don't know its dangers, the combination of alcohol, driving, and summer is frightening."

Palcohol has had an arduous road to store shelves. The company quickly drummed up controversy when it used copy on its website suggesting that users "sneak packets into venues to avoid paying for overpriced booze," and acknowledging that it is possible to snort Palcohol. Shortly after that, the company gained and then quickly lost approval from the government over issues regarding the product's labels.

While the federal government did eventually re-approve the product, states including Colorado, Alaska, and South Carolina have already passed, or are planning to pass, legislation banning Palcohol. Regardless, the company is going ahead with plans to introduce the product this summer.